Executive Director – Steve Jobe

“I believe that you have to care about people to work in healthcare and that is and always has been my focus is the people we care for.  I like people and I like the operations side of the business; that is my passion. I like to set a direction and goals and make new and innovative things happen and redefine how we operate to provide the best care.”

Director of Nursing – Donna Horn

“I have worked in long term care since 1992 and simply love what I do.  I want to make a difference and try hard to leave something positive behind me when I leave. As we all know, long term care can be challenging, but with a strong team those challenges make us stronger as we have the privilege to make a difference in the lives of those we care for.”

Admissions – Karen Eaker

“I have worked at the Rochester East facility for more than 30 years. I love welcoming new residents and families and making them feel welcomed and comfortable. I am a patient and staff advocate. I love getting to know the patients and families and learning their background.”

Director of Social Services – Loryn Fox

“I am very glad I decided to pursue a career in long term care. There is nothing that compares with the relationships I have built with the residents and their families. I am grateful for them every day.”